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Ministry - Same Old Madness

The best early 80’s MInistry song ever. An unreleased gem from 1982.

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(please) lose yourself in me


Bunker Strasse - “Le Retour Du Roi”

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Dance the Rain (DEMO) - Nicola Roberts

Autumn - Pale Mist Meditation

Eleven Pond - Asterisk


SPK - Walking On Dead Steps

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Pas de Deux - Lits Jumeaux




Still Life, The Horrors

this song is exactly okay. i’d probably be really mad if something totally life changing happened to me while this was playing though.

‘Okay’ is how I feel about it. It’s not exactly “Sea Within A Sea” is it? As an album track it’d be alright, as a first single it’s a bit boring and safe sounding, kinda reminds me of old britpop with more synths. Hoping the rest of it’s better.

I’m glad I’m not the only one. First off, expectations are MEGA high after how amazing/game-changing (for the band, at least — not a novelty anymore) Primary Colours was. The synths are lovely, and I’ll have a pleasant time drifting off to it…as a teaser track for the new album, I don’t know if it succeeds fully. (And yeah on the Britpop thing. I read something saying Faris sounded a bit like Damon Albarn, and now I can’t shake “Beetlebum” from my mind. Dunno how to feel about that.)

Spacemen 3 - Call the Doctor